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“There are rumors that Antwerp is for sale.”

“There are rumors that Antwerp is for sale.”

There was a lot going on at Royal Antwerp Football Club in 2023. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the pitch. In addition, striking rumors have emerged. Sam Kerkhofs and Peter Vandenemppt tell us this.

Paul Gysin has had to deal with some beatings this year. As a result, he had to find additional funds and a number of buildings were sold. “There are rumors that he wants to sell Antwerp,” Kerkovs said. mid mid.

Gysin denies

Peter Vandenemppt also had information about this. “In the spring I received a phone call from someone who works in the financial sector. He was able to confirm with certainty that Antwerp was for sale. This had to do with the fact that he needed money. After that, Gyssen vehemently denied this.”

Gheysens has already pumped less money into the club this year. For example, no major transfers were completed in Summer Trade. The Great Old won the title and thus collected Champions League money after qualifying from the preliminary rounds.

Other sources of income

The club wants to become less dependent on the president and wants to rely more on European income and transfers. Gheysens was also recently criticized in the Pano report.

At the moment, there are no rumors circulating about potential new owners in Antwerp.

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