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There is a transgenerational trauma - NRC

There is a transgenerational trauma – NRC

at History is not a cure for shock (21/5) Bass Krumhout argues that the shocks are individual. I share his vision. However, it tolerates one side. If the children of Holocaust victims experience trauma, these are fundamentally different from those who experienced the Holocaust victims themselves. These children were shocked when they heard about their parents’ fate, not by experiencing it themselves. The trauma of these children would not have happened had their parents not been injured. derivative. In the Katanga (2018) and Ntaganda (2021) cases, the ICC considered the existence of a generational trauma. He replied in the affirmative. In Katanga, for example, five children claimed to have suffered psychological damage across generations because their parents had been attacked by German Katanga forces on their village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo several years before they were born. The court found that reasonable. When the court was asked whether “katanga” was responsible for that shock and the resulting damage, the court replied that the causal link between the attack and the damage was not sufficiently established. The children were not satisfied. But “intergenerational trauma” is an idea that the court is operating and missing at Krumhout.