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There is no longer much evidence of a seed potato shortage in the EU – News Potatoes

There is no longer much evidence of a seed potato shortage in the EU – News Potatoes


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Yesterday at 11:30 am – Niels van der Boom

There is little evidence of seed potato shortages within the European Union. This is evidenced by figures from the Netherlands Potato Organization (NAO). With almost all seed potatoes shipped across national borders, the “shortage” decreased significantly at the end of May. The main shortage is mainly in Asian and African destinations.

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On May 31, the count reached 434,130 tons exported by the Netherlands within the European Union. That is 26,750 tons or 5.8% less. Great size, but with a smaller margin than you might expect given the major shortages this year. This has increased the deficit slightly. A month ago, the deficit was still 2%.

In total, the Dutch seed potato sector exported more than 718 thousand tons. This is 16% (137,000 tons) less than in the previous season, and therefore significantly lower.

Don’t say seed potatoes are everywhere
Belgium has obtained 112,000 tons of Dutch seed potatoes as of June 1. 7,500 tons less than in 2023 (-6.2%). As for Germany, the volume decreased significantly by 20,850 tons. Good for a decline of 17.4%. France received 2,600 tons less raw materials. The third place on the list, Italy, is higher by about 5,900 tons. Spain also received more seed potatoes.

The largest decline in exports is seen in countries in Asia and Africa. These export numbers did not change significantly compared to last month. After all, the export season is over. Exports to Asia decreased by about 40,500 tons compared to 2023. As for African countries, this figure reaches 60,500 tons. Algeria, Egypt and Sudan bought much smaller quantities of potatoes. This also applies to Iraq, Syria and Pakistan. Conflict is one of the reasons behind this. On the other hand, Israel has already purchased more potato seeds.

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Export consumption fell sharply
Consumer potato exports from the Netherlands show a similar decline this season. As of May, 744,263 tons were exported, 13% less than the previous season. Exports to EU destinations are 60,000 tonnes behind. Belgium bought approximately 10,000 tons fewer potatoes and France 17,800 tons. Exports to Italy fell by more than half to 10,100 tons.

Once again, it was African countries that received much fewer potatoes. The position reached 69 thousand tons on May 31, which is about 44 thousand tons less than the previous season. Exports to American countries decreased by about 4,000 tons.