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There is no new parking lot in Roeselare, but the existing parking spaces are being modified

There is no new parking lot in Roeselare, but the existing parking spaces are being modified

The existing parking spaces for trucks have been improved, just as sufficient parking space has been included in the planning of the business parks. Companies are also being educated to save space. In this way, the environment in which the trucks are parked should become safer.

“In recent years, a lot of additional space has been built in Roeselare for business parks, which has increased the number of trucks in the area,” says Dieter Karon (N-VA). “Not every company has enough space to store these trucks on their own sites.”

“Many truck drivers take their trucks home, sometimes leaving them in a residential area or along major roads for an entire weekend. A wall of trucks can lead to dangerous parking for cyclists and passenger cars near intersections.”


“It can also be annoying for dealers, who have a showroom along the road where trucks stop, to have their vision denied. Where in Roeselare is currently allowed to park trucks or leave trailers? Are there plans to create new parking areas or move areas?”

Alderman Stefaan Van Coillie (CD&V): “There is a ban on parking for trucks over 5 tons in built-up areas, with a few exceptions such as Industrieweg, Trakelweg or Armoedestraat. However, there are occasional issues, and we have different scenarios where we choose to provide parking. In the business parks themselves.We will work to raise awareness among businesses about opening locations for trucks.When drawing up plans for industrial parks, space must also be made available.In addition, we will work to improve the roads where parking is already allowed and, where necessary, make adjustments to achieve Optimum safety. Building a private car park was also an option, but we will not block that option.”

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