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There is no new season for 'Love Island' in Belgium at the moment: 'Focus on the renewed 'Seduction Island' | TV

There is no new season for ‘Love Island’ in Belgium at the moment: ‘Focus on the renewed ‘Seduction Island’ | TV

It was Victor Verholst, the host of “Love Island” who rang the bell. In the Dutch series ‘Like Monica’, which follows co-star Monica Geuze in Temptation Island: Love or Leave, Victor revealed that there are no new plans with ‘Love Island’ from the Belgian side at the moment. Geert Verhulst’s son says in it that he is glad that “The Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” came his way, because the Island of Love is taking a break. “In Belgium they don’t do that anymore, it was very expensive there. I feel good[about his new presentation assignment]otherwise I would be unemployed now,” Victor says.

Press Officer Barbara Salomon confirmed that there are currently no plans with ‘Love Island’. Although they like the nuances of things. It is true that there is no co-production of ‘Love Island’ this year, but that doesn’t mean we will be stopping forever. Victor’s statement from ‘Like Monica’ came with a smile in a relaxed atmosphere. So his comment that ‘Love Island’ should be seen as too expensive In this context. In the coming period, we as a channel will focus entirely on the renewed “Island of Temptation”, which can be seen later this fall. This is the only reason why “Love Island” will not appear this summer.”

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