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There is no room for thirty cars.

There is no room for thirty cars.

F1 is considering various options to give young talent a better chance in the top motorsport class. One idea that has been getting a lot of attention lately is the idea of ​​each team sharing three cars. F1 expert Marc Priestley lists the biggest objections to that.

Three cars per team

A well-known F1 problem is seat availability, with all the attendant problems. Young talents do not stand a chance, because the place is already taken, a richer driver takes their place, or sponsorship money from a certain corner of the world determines who drives.

employment Youtube Mark Priestley previews the Sochi GP and answers viewers’ questions. The Briton discusses the idea of ​​an extra car for each team and cites the objections: “First of all, most trails simply don’t have a 30-car garage space. That means ten extra garages in the pit driveway.”

Money and space will not allow F1 to expand

“Some circuits cannot carry thirty cars on the track.”Priestley continues. “Think of Monza, where we had 20 cars on the track. Thirty cars would be disastrous.”

The second point is that someone has to pay for it. We are in the phase where F1 is seeing big budget cuts and a more sustainable future. Having an extra car for each team only increases these costs.”

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