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'There was too much space'

‘There was too much space’

Brian Broby is excited to be back on the football field. The striker has had frequent injuries in the past year, which means he has had to miss several important matches. Now that he is back in shape again, his dreams have not diminished.

To start, Probe looks at the juniors, for whom he has been called up again and who are hoping to go to the European Under-23 Championship. The Ajax player had to skip the second part last season due to injury. “I’d like to be there now,” said Robby. general newspaper About that, before he dreamed out loud, too. “If I do my best and the first team comes, of course I want to be there too.”

He says the big orange is a dream for Probie, but it’s also more than that. I just do my best. I know it is possible. Come to Orange. However, Probe does not wish to describe the Dutch national team as a target yet, although he knows what he can at least do to realize this dream. Hard work is often rewarded. I will keep doing that anyway.

“There was a lot of space in front of Benfica”

So Robbie is mainly looking forward now that he’s back from his injury, although he’s also aware that he’s missed matches that could have potentially valuable. The hardest part was the first leg against Benfica. There was plenty of space in the second half,’ the striker looked back somewhat wistfully.

Fortunately for him, Brobby has had an unforgettable moment since his return. “Winning Feyenoord at the Johan Cruyff Arena was a great experience,” the Ajax player points out, referring to last Sunday’s 3-2 victory in the Clasico.

“If we stay focused, we will become champions.”

With his injury recovering, Robbie looks fit in just in time for the crucial stage of the season, as Ajax still has two titles to win, including the national title. “It is exciting, but I think we will become champions if we keep our focus,” the forward expressed his confidence in achieving this award. Probie has not benefited much from the more difficult victories Ajax have had recently. This is what people and the media see. They don’t know how we feel. We let them talk and do what we have. We have great confidence in each other.

Brobbey appears to be playing a major role as a batsman in this title race. Ajax is in any case very satisfied with the striker, he says, based on a conversation with Eric ten Hag. “He was very satisfied with my work ethic, my goals against Utrecht and Eindhoven, and said I should continue like this.” Brobby still sees a huge improvement in himself. ‘Hey man. It was necessary to take advantage of that opportunity against Kambur. And against Feyenoord, of course.”

“We’ll sit down soon and make a good plan”

Finally, at the end of the season, there’s also an important personal moment for Probie. Will the striker return to Amsterdam for good, or will he leave for Germany again? The answer is still pending at present. I don’t know dude. “I have not contacted Leipzig about it yet,” said Probe, who indicated that he mainly talks about his injury to the technical director.

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Reverse telegraph Probe previously indicated that he would like to stay in Amsterdam himself, but this time he’s more low key. ‘I do not know. I’ll soon sit down with my agent and then we’ll see what we’re going to do,” says the attacker, who also appears not to be sensitive to an extra push. “No, again, we’ll sit down soon and make a good plan. So wait and see.”