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'There's still a bit of a soft drink without bubbles': Hazard's substitute has a lukewarm welcome after a goal from Belgian teenager swaying Real Ramazzani |  The Red Devils are abroad

‘There’s still a bit of a soft drink without bubbles’: Hazard’s substitute has a lukewarm welcome after a goal from Belgian teenager swaying Real Ramazzani | The Red Devils are abroad

La LigaNot surplus, but owed. This is the best way to describe Real Madrid’s 1-2 victory over Almeria on the day of the opening match. Early on, young Belgian Largy Ramazani – remember that name, put the home team ahead. Lucas Vazquez and a superb free kick from David Alaba turned the situation around. He played Eden Hazard for half an hour and was instrumental in the transformation, but received mostly lukewarm comments in the Spanish press.

After Carlo Ancelotti had already stated in the run-up to Real’s La Liga opener that Eden Hazard could count on a few minutes this season, the Red Devils also earned a little over half an hour at Almeria’s Power Horse Stadium. “Already with his first ball tests, he emptied his bag with a few flashes and after that he also made some good moves that help ensure Madrid turnaround,” she reads positively. mark. They also paid tribute to Courtois, who saw them fail in our compatriot Ramzani’s opener and then made two crucial saves in Sadiq’s attempts – although the second was offside. “He also prevented Laz from equalizing in the 85th minute. Another competition in which Courtois is fighting to win Trovio Zamora.” This is the award for the least successful goalkeeper. San Tipo got it last season and also managed to win it twice as an Atlético goalkeeper.

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But ashThat other Madrid-oriented newspaper is asking for more from Eden. “He should take the initiative more and not let go. He shows himself and asks for the ball, but it remains a little soda without bubbles.” Catalan El Mundo Deportivo He felt that Hazard “came to save the team when he had to come back, but the truth is that he was not involved in the goals”. Not quite right, because Eden had a stake at 1-1.

With a host family in South East London

But at Almeria-Real Madrid, it was another Belgian who quickly stole the show. Name: Largy Ramadan. Six minutes later he was removed from Courtois, the 21-year-old did a fantastic job. Talk about entering the Spanish League.


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At the age of twelve, Ramadan replaced Anderlecht – finding him too light – with the Englishman Charlton. He left his family in Lebbeke behind, and Ramadan took up residence with a host family in southeast London. A few years later, at the age of sixteen, he chose an adventure with Manchester United. On November 28, 2019, Ramzani made his debut with the Red Devils. He was allowed to appear for six minutes in the Europa League match against Astana. In Manchester, Ramazzani was offered a new contract, but our compatriot wanted to gain experience. Destination: Almeria. Ramzani in his third season in Andalusia.


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Back to the game. Real created opportunities for a break, but Benzema, Vinicius and Rudiger found excellent goalkeepers for Martinez on their way. Meanwhile, Ramadhan Chuamini – a man of 80 million euros – presented a yellow card. The crowd of the house was screaming with joy.

After the break, Almeria had a hard time. The wipers can no longer be walked on, the Real is getting stronger. Ancelotti threw Hazard in the clock. Our compatriot had a central role in supporting Benzema and was the basis for the equalizer with a pass. After Carrum, Vazquez scored 1-1 against Martinez. The Spanish goalkeeper can still be defeated.

Hazard made a heavy impression – he walked away well several times. The star role was already reserved for another alternative, Alaba. with ole! Draw the Austrian ball test from a free kick across the post into the goal. Real immediately did what he had to do. Although the madrelin did not have a surplus.

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