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These are all new features

These are all new features

The third beta version of Android 12 It has just been launched and comes with many improvements and new features. We’ve listed them for you, and you’ll find an overview here.

Android 12 Third Beta

from The third beta version of Android 12 It is a fact and below you will find the most important improvements and new functions respectively. No. 3 in particular will amaze you.

1. Material You Style Wallpaper Picker

According to Google, all Android versions of Android 12 should completely revolve around the user, which is why the company previously launched the completely new design material you. The material you provided. In this third demo, it is immediately noticeable that You’s material is almost complete.

For example, the wallpaper picker is gradually being renamed in the new Material You style. We see that the UI is more rounded and therefore it fits better with the other components. In this article Read what you can expect from Material You.

2. Articles interviewed by theme engine

The long-awaited theme engine can finally be found in the wallpaper picker. This way, you can give your OS color style based on the chosen wallpaper. Among other things, the clock, tools, and quick settings will take care of these colors. You can also ignore wallpaper-based colors altogether and choose from a selection of primary colors.

We also see a new “Theme Icons” option here that makes app icons automatically capture chosen accent colors from the background. At least, if the developers provide support for it. It doesn’t seem like third-party apps are supported at this point, but fortunately, most of the popular Google apps already support them.

3. Long shots

We already have the job Expected in Android 11The first rumors came against this, and now it can finally be found in Android: “scrollable screenshots” or long screenshots. What other manufacturers already have, will now only be available for Android. This feature combines screenshots into one long image. Capturing these long screenshots is useful if you want to capture a WhatsApp conversation or a web page, for example. Google works on an easy-to-use interface that allows you to crop exactly the part you want in the screenshot. It works in a similar way to the way you crop an image.

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According to Google, long screenshots only work in certain parts of the interface such as settings. Google says that the feature will be expanded in other beta versions.

Android 12 beta 3 official: These are all the new features

4. Refine your search

Beta 3 gets support for AppSearch, a powerful new on-device search engine. AppSearch allows apps to index data in such a way that you can search for it, as well as other apps, if you’ve given permission to do so. Multiple languages ​​are supported, but Dutch likely won’t be the first.

5. Privacy Index Improvements

In the second beta We saw privacy indicators go by. This appears when the camera or microphone is active on your phone. You can then see which app is using it in the quick settings and you can revoke this permission if necessary. In the third beta, these privacy indicators will receive support for apps in full screen mode (immersive mode).

In addition, companies can now also place limits on these privacy indicators.

6. Auto rotate faster

Google has enhanced the automatic screen rotation feature with face detection. This uses the front camera for better visibility when the screen needs to rotate. This is especially useful for people who use their devices while lying on the couch or in bed, for example.

Google has also made screen rotation using a machine learning algorithm 25% faster.

7. Android 12 for games

At the Game Developers Summit, Google announced the game console and Play while downloading On. Both are in the third beta version. New Game Mode APIs allow developers to advise players based on their game performance, such as better battery life for long rides or Performance Mode for maximum framerate. These APIs will be linked to the upcoming game console which will provide quick access to important utilities while playing. The game console will be available on select devices later this year.

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Meanwhile, with Play as you Download, you can actually start playing a game while it is still being downloaded from the Play Store. How exactly does this work read here.

Android 12 beta 3 official: These are all the new features
Play while downloading rechts

Timeline for Android 12

Google always releases preview and beta versions of the new Android version. That’s also the case this year, and you can check out their release dates below.

Android 12 beta 3 official: These are all the new features
Android 12 release schedule

Install Android 12 Beta 3

The third beta version of Android 12 Now available for the latest Pixel phones and In this article We’ll explain how to get started with the new features on your Pixel phone. If you already have the second beta on your phone, you should receive the second beta as an over the air (OTA) update. This year, there are also phones from other manufacturers that can actually enjoy Android 12 and an overview of these phones find you here.

What do you think of the Android 12 features that Google announced in the third beta? What new features would you like to see in the stable version of Android 12? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Learn more about Android 12

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