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These are the first characters from "The Masked Singer": We're already taking the opportunity to find out who's under the masks

These are the first characters from “The Masked Singer”: We’re already taking the opportunity to find out who’s under the masks

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Guessing could start again: VTM has revealed the first three characters from the new season of “The Masked Singer.” Red deer, parrot and robot are in no way inferior to the successful outfits of last year. We are already at risk.

Benjamin Bright

The first series of masked singer, which aired in September of 2020, was an instant hit. In the final match, more than two million spectators saw the Golden Queen’s bag. She eventually turned into Eurovision Song Contest winner Sandra Kim. so tops K3 looking for K3 In 2015 we had to believe it.

This should come as no surprise: masked singer -Based on a South Korean format – has since been a hit all over the world, from Russia to Myanmar to the Philippines. Flemish costumes also come from Marina Tuebina, who also designed costumes for the American and German versions.

There is currently no start date for the new season. However, the show is sure to return once again to Nils Destadsbadr, although his switch to public broadcasting became known last summer.

red deer

VTM says the following about this character: “The world of Red Deer is luxurious, elegant and full of luxury. He himself exudes strength and self-confidence. The Red Deer has also gone through something. It is not easy to lose his balance and love to be in control.”

Entrepreneur like Mark Cook, who “go through something” with the fallout after selling Omega Pharma? In addition, he sang the song with Steve Tellins It’s Cokeback again. Or was it Jacques Vermeer, with his much-discussed life path?

Red deer.

Red deer. © DPG


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With Parrot it looks like this: “Parrot world over the top, my disco Eid. The sun always shines at his beach bar and every day Coward in a Fabulous. The parrot sees life through pink (disco) glasses and is always getting ready for a good party. He is a true artist and atmosphere maker. The word boring is not in his dictionary.

Charm singer Christophe actually ran a pop-up bar last summer. Or is it Bill Perez who released the album? Perez’s party Released, or animal mood Pat Crimson?


parrot. © DPG


This is the description of the robot: “The robot lives in a world of metal. With its colorful fun, its gray surroundings are completely illuminated. The robot is never bored in its apocalyptic surroundings where it keeps spinning indefinitely. It also has a pet.”

Someone metallic, like Frankie de Smit-Van Damme, seems an option. Or a virologist who knows what to do day in and day out in these difficult times. Specifically though, they probably have other things going on other than the song program.


Robot. © DPG