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These are the leaders of the "Taliban 2.0" |  Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

These are the leaders of the “Taliban 2.0” | Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

The current Taliban leaders are much less well known than the well-known leader Mullah Omar, who died in 2013. This is says VTM Nieuws journalist Robin Ramaekers. It explains who these new faces of Taliban 2.0 are and what they represent. It appears that “these are leaders of a very powerful organization with enormous financial resources”.

God’s gift Akhonzadeh He is considered the spiritual leader of the Taliban. “This is someone no one has ever spoken to. Who has never attended, but holds a very important position within the Taliban,” says Robin Ramakers.

He is very well known abroad Muhammad Naeem, who acts as a spokesman for the Taliban.

Mullah Bardar It was not known until recently, but is now being nominated as a possible new president of Afghanistan. He is the chief Taliban negotiator in Afghanistan.

In addition, the Taliban also has a “Minister of Education”, Mawlawi Janat Gul Aziz. In a video message distributed from the presidential palace in Kabul, the man explains the Taliban’s plans: “We are not against educating boys or girls. The emirate’s policy is that both sexes should be educated as long as Islamic law is respected. Hijab girls of all ages can go to school, no problem.” .

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“This symbolizes the PR 2.0 that the Taliban is running now. The question is whether what Aziz says will happen in practice. The sources we’re hearing at the moment are telling us very different things,” Ramakers thinks.

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