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These iPhone features will be lost with iOS 16 (iPhone News #27)

These iPhone features will be lost with iOS 16 (iPhone News #27)

iOS 16 will cut iPhone features and when will the next Apple event be? Here are the top Apple and iPhone news from last week.

Read on after the announcement.

Panic: These iPhone functions will be lost with iOS 16

Are you looking forward to iOS 16? we too! There is one big thing however: not only do you get jobs, a number of things also disappear. In this article, we show you four features that you will soon miss in iOS 16.

But watch out. At this point, iOS 16 is still in beta, so Apple may continue to tweak these features. iOS 16 is expected to be released in mid-September, along with the iPhone 14.

this iPhone functions missing in iOS 16

An iPhone is now worth up to €115 less, according to Apple

How much is an iPhone worth?

As everything gets more expensive and production problems cause iPhones to fall off the assembly line, you might expect Apple phones to become more stable in value. However, the tech giant has decided to drastically reduce the swap value of iPhones.

How much is yours Iphone The value depends on the model you have, as well as the condition of the device. The higher the effects of use, the lower the estimated value.

J iPhone is now less valuable

This iPhone calling feature prevents annoyance (and you wish you knew sooner)

iPhone Secret Call Function

Are you also tired of ending up with a very long and annoying list of options every time you call customer service? Then you have to choose several menu options before you can finally talk to someone.

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It will be over now, because it’s with you Iphone You can easily bypass these annoying dropdown menus.

This is how it works iPhone secret calling function

Apple brings a third, larger watch to the Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 7 watch faces

The Apple Watch is traditionally available in two sizes. This is how it is Apple Watch Series 7 For models with a body of 41 and 45 mm. The latter has a 1.9 inch screen.

According to the analyst Ross Young Come there in the new Apple Watch Series 8 A third and larger variable. The difference is not very dramatic. According to Young, the new watch has a 1.99-inch screen. This is about five percent larger than the current top model.

you might get Apple Watch Series 8 Larger Model

When is the next Apple event?

Apple event

Apple regularly releases new products, which are announced during a special event

The iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 are expected to appear at Apple’s upcoming keynote. But when is the next Apple event?

why is that Apple event may be on September 13

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