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These Motorola smartphones are receiving the Android 12 update

These Motorola smartphones are receiving the Android 12 update

Motorola has joint list Which lists all the smartphones that will receive the Android 12 update in the future. It comes to a total of 30 devices and the manufacturer has indicated that it will start rolling out updates in February.

In the list below are all the smartphones that Motorola wants to provide with the Android 12 update. Not all smartphones are available in Benelux and Motorola has not yet announced specific release dates, but the company has announced that Motorola will start rolling out its first Android 12 updates in February 2022. It is still from It is also unclear which smartphone will receive the update first.

Motorola Razr 5G
– Motorola Razr 2020
Motorola Edge 20 Pro
– Motorola Edge 20
Motorola Edge 20 Lite
Motorola Edge 20 Fusion
– Motorola Edge (2021)
– Motorola Edge 5G YOUR
Motorola Edge Plus
– Motorola One 5G Ace
– Motorola One 5G YOUR Ace
– Motorola Moto G200
– Motorola Moto G71
– Motorola Moto G51
– Motorola Moto G41
Motorola Moto G31
Motorola Moto G 100
Motorola Moto G60s
Motorola Moto G60
Motorola Moto G50
Motorola Moto G40 Fusion
Motorola Moto G30
– Motorola Moto G Power (2022)
Motorola Moto G Pure
– Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
– Motorola Moto G Pro (Business Edition)
– Motorola Edge (2021) (Business Edition)
Motorola Edge 20 (Business Edition)
– Motorola Edge 20 Lite (Business Edition)
Motorola Edge 20 Fusion (Business Edition)

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Android 12 is a major update that includes Material Design. This design matches the appearance of the interface with the chosen background colors. Another big modification is the Privacy Dashboard, which gives users more privacy options and can see, among other things, which apps have access to your microphone, camera or location.

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