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Thibau Nys has to leave BK with promises after falling to his collarbone: "World Cup? This is mission impossible"

Thibau Nys has to leave BK with promises after falling to his collarbone: “World Cup? This is mission impossible”

© Martin Delvaux

Thibaut Nice was one of the contenders to win the Belgian U-23 Championship today, but disaster befell the 19-year-old in the penultimate round. Ness fell, and appeared to have a collarbone problem again. In October, Neese broke his collarbone in his second cross of the season at Waterloo. The World Cup at the end of this month seems futile.

Martin Delvaux, Thomas Cammy

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Nys sure won’t win, with or without a fall. Firstreng, Michaels and Wizier were already riding the distance, but falls aren’t fun, of course. “This whole season has been a disaster and today was no different,” Nys reacted disappointedly afterwards. “Right before I went out I had the impression I’d be back in again. Not getting back into the game all the way, but it’s really improved. I take the left side of the track because then you can take the bend better, I’ve already done that last turn. But this time I hit More forcefully and I flew over it. It shut down completely and immediately felt what it was. It’s my fault. I’m going to the hospital soon. The doctor already said it’s probably my collarbone again.”

Nys also appears to be drawing a line during the World Cup finals at the end of this month. “The World Cup is over, we are not going there. This is an impossible feat. Anyway, the chance is very slim because I will.”

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“We fear a rupture,” Thibault Ness’ doctor also confirmed. “It’s all back over his shoulder. It’s not the same break as it was last time, because it was more in the middle.”