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Thibaut Ness wins first cross in nearly two years: "The way I drove, I didn't belong in the World Cup" |  cyclocross

Thibaut Ness wins first cross in nearly two years: “The way I drove, I didn’t belong in the World Cup” | cyclocross

Thibau Nys has not forgotten the win yet. He was allowed to raise his arms in the air today at the Azencross of Loenhout. His first cross-country win since February 2020, and his first at the U23 Arena. “That’s so much fun,” he told Robin van Gucht.

Thibaut Nice’s latest road win goes back to the European Championships in Trento. To get his last win with the cross we have to go back to February 2020. Then he won in Leuven in the juniors. For a winner like Nys from eternity.

“This victory is really happy,” he smiled. “Over the past few months, I’ve had a feeling it was there, but it didn’t come out. I’m glad I was able to confirm that.” It was just a matter of time. I think I did everything perfectly in terms of training and rest. I’m relieved that it’s working now.”

This is never an easy life, otherwise you wouldn’t have become a runner.

“The last few weeks there has been exactly a block in the races, while I’ve had the best values ​​ever in training,” Ness continued. “Look, it’s not always easy. This is never an easy life, otherwise I wouldn’t have become a passenger.”

With his victory, Thibaut Nice looks ready in time for the tournament in January. Ness: “Fortunately, because if I keep driving this way, it’s going to be a tough call to pick the World Cup. While I’ve been driving for the past few weeks, I didn’t belong there.”

Watch Nys speed to victory

Located Nys

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