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This extremely rare copy of the original NES Zelda really goes for crazy money

Not long ago there was a very rare copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $660,000 at auction, and now it is the legend of zeldaturn or turn.

Yes, in the crazy world we live in now, people are buying old, hard-to-find game cartridges for crazy amounts of money. The 1987 version of the NES classic Zelda — an early production version of the ninth “Rev-A” that’s only been in production for a few months — already has more than $110,000 in bids, with five days left.

Heritage Auction He says it could be Just A version of this special cartridge will: Begins You have the opportunity to watch. Legend of Zelda’s only other buggy game that’s even more rare from the “NES TM” version – the “first true production run”. It is believed that there is only one stamped copy of it, and there is nothing even for sale.

While many of us might not be able to buy much for a copy of the original Legend of Zelda, don’t worry – for much smaller amounts you can always buy a used copy, or just play your Nintendo NES library on the Switch and play there. Outing original link. .

Heritage Auctions also contain: High quality Nintendo World Championship car to get it too.

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