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This German family car offers a lot of space for next to nothing

This German family car offers a lot of space for next to nothing

Don't sit high in this SUV! You just want a car that's low-riding and nice. You often need space in your family car. That's why your choice is simply a middle-class station wagon. You don't make “foreign brands”, you just want to be familiar and European. This occasion is a good choice.

The selection of used cars is huge. You can find used cars everywhere at the dealership, on and even on Facebook. Autovisie selects the three best used cars in their class each week.

The event costs 10,000 euros

This week we'll be looking at a roomy station wagon for a maximum of €10,000. Don't like the Ford Focus? Then take a look at the events we're highlighting on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer (2016 – 2021)

This generation of Astra was very modern when it arrived and still keeps up with the times. Simply good design! This Opel also meets all the requirements you can ask for from a middle-class station wagon. It drives effortlessly, but with the somewhat dull steering, it's definitely not sporty. That's not necessary! The regular front seats are fine, a good option is the AGR seats, which are great. The interior is nice and spacious, and the boot is the most spacious of the three with a capacity of at least 540 litres.

You can buy this family car for 10,000 euros
(Image: Opel)

A 1.4 works only 1 in 15. Among many used cars we find a bright white color (2017, 68,000 km) from the first owner in a car company in Emmen, for 9990. This used car has now been sold.

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You should pay attention to this when buying a used car

Electronics play tricks on this generation Astra. This may be due to moisture (leakage!) in the battery box, but there are other problems as well. A loose plug on the fuel pressure regulator will stop the car, but pressing it is all that needs to be done. There are also known to be software issues, such as the dashboard continuing to work even if the car is already locked. To start the engine, the clutch must be depressed. Sometimes the switch that activates this is broken, meaning the engine can't start. Read all about the reliability of this generation Opel Astra in the buying guide.

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