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This is how Queen Maxima makes her heels look smaller

This is how Queen Maxima makes her heels look smaller

It is rare to be a queen. Maxima He doesn’t look at the heel. We now know how the queen keeps her shoes tidy, but the king’s wife… william alexander She has another life hack when it comes to her heels. With a shoe size of 42, she wants to make her feet look smaller than they actually are…

10 cm

Queen Maxima, who is 1.78 meters tall, has a shoe size of 42. To make her shoes appear smaller, she often chooses heels that are at least 10 cm high. So share Liesl SwartShoe designer and teacher at the Dutch Shoe Academy. A few years ago, she worked with her students to design the perfect pump for our Queen. Why exactly 10 cm high? According to Swart, a 10 cm heel breaks up the length of the shoe, making it appear visually shorter and therefore smaller.

Let’s be honest: the trick works! Anyway, judge for yourself:

NL image

low budget socks

With closed heels, our queen often chooses to wear socks. Little Side note:It was absolute for the royals. slip No tights under your dress or skirt. That time is over now: Royal ladies In 2024, they’ll be showing off their legs – and rightly so, we at Nouveau Editorial Team believe. Sometimes an outfit looks a little better without tights.

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Although etiquette doesn’t absolutely require Máxima to wear stockings, we know she does it on a regular basis. The Queen in particular can’t get enough of skin-colored stockings. Skin-colored items can tend to look strange, but with Máx it always looks good. So you might think she ordered her tights from a designer who specializes in stockings, but guess what? They actually come from Hema!