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This is how you use the new Gmail filters in the app

This is how you use the new Gmail filters in the app

Gmail filters were introduced before, but they were not yet possible to use. From now on, thanks to Gmail’s filters, you’ll find that important email at a glance.

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Gmail filters: Find that specific email

Do you also receive dozens of emails every day? Or you’ve never cleaned up your inbox properly, but are looking for a specific email? Filters make it easy to find such a searched letter. The ability to filter was announced months ago, but from now on you can actually use it in the Gmail app.

Here’s how to use Gmail filters in the app:

  1. Grab your smartphone and open the Gmail app;
  2. Press “Search Emails” at the top of the search bar;
  3. Enter your search query;
  4. Use different filters.

Currently, you can actually use quite a few filters. This way you can quickly choose who and whom you sent emails to. For example, you can choose a specific colleague or friend. You can also specify whether to search for a message with or without an attachment. Is this with? Then you can also select the type of attachment, for example Document, Image or Presentation.

Another useful filter of course is “date”. You can choose different fixed values ​​such as: Older than 1 week or Older than 6 months. You can also choose a start and end date for the search period. Finally, you can also check the “Unread” filter or exclude emails with calendar appointments.

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Not all filters from the web version can be found in the Gmail app. For example, you can’t (yet) specify the exact folder you’re looking for an email in, the message size or what words it should be verbatim in. Overall, this nice update ensures that the Gmail app is made more usable again.

What filter will make a difference for you in Gmail, let us know in the comments!

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