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'This is love!'  Van Jens Dendoncker goes to New York to attend...

‘This is love!’ Van Jens Dendoncker goes to New York to attend…

This is love!, a VTM program presented by Jens Dendoncker, was nominated for an International Emmy Award. This means production house Shelter has had its fifth Emmy success.

The International Emmy Awards are among the most prestigious awards in the world of television. This is love!, where Jens Dendoncker (31) takes a closer look at Fleming’s love life, in the category of “unscripted entertainment” that might rival the world-famous television formats. The award winner will be revealed on November 22 at a gala event in New York.

For Shelter, the production company that This is love! Made, this is already the fifth nomination. Shelter has also won three Emmys: for Rascals Benidorm In 2011, what if? In 2014 and How to say? In 2018. Directors/models Sophie Peters and Tim Van Aelst are delighted with the new nomination. “We are extremely proud of our team at Shelter and host Jens Dendoncker. We are delighted that this authentic and sweet show has captured the attention of the jury among all the talent shows and major culinary competitions.

Not for fun

in a This is love! Jens Dendoncker experiences the fascinating but sometimes painful science of love in practice. Not comedy – an area in which the shelter has been particularly successful in recent years – but true stories and beautiful experiences with known and unknown Flanders.

Among others, husbands Tine Embrechts, Guga Baúl, Kelly Pfaff, Sam Gooris, Lize Feryn, Aster Nzeyimana, Filip Peeters and Ann Miller, but also Dendoncker himself and his partner Lauren Versnick subjected themselves to all kinds of experiments. They went in different directions. The beneficial effect of the love letters was tested with a few babies, and the cuddly pups were supposed to eliminate irritability, and Philip Peters and Lauren Versnick even let them be put on the shelf. Dendoncker also investigated whether it is true that falling in love makes you find your partner more attractive than it actually is.

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Dendoncker also regularly set up his confession in which he called couples, for example, to confess great or less great lies to one another. This resulted in fascinating insights into fraud.

The way the show presented love-related information also seems to have struck a chord internationally. “It gives us the courage to continue developing the original formats in the future,” according to Van Elst and Peters van Shelter.