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This is the hidden Easter egg in Android 12

This is the hidden Easter egg in Android 12

In the The fourth beta version of Android 12 The popular Easter egg has been released and this time Google has fully outfitted the Easter egg in Material You style.

Android 12 Easter Egg

Every Android version traditionally comes with an Easter egg. For example, Lollipop had the “fake version” of Flappy Bird, Android 9.0 Pie had a capital letter P with all kinds of colored fonts and Android 10 came with hidden puzzle game. in a Android 11 stood up the cats Central and now Google has revealed the Easter Egg for Android 12.

This Easter egg is everything material you, a completely new design introduced in Android 12. It’s actually a modified version of the Material Design language, and according to Google, it’s all about the user. You can set the Android 12 interface to the background colors you set or choose the colors yourself. The clock, tools, and quick settings, among other things, will adopt these colors. In this article Read what you can expect from Material You. The Easer Egg shows the clock and as soon as you turn the hand

To activate the Material You Easter Egg, you need a phone where the file Android 12 Beta 4 on turns. First open Settings and then About Phone. Then tap Android 12 a few times to activate the Easter Egg. Then drag the cursor to 12:00 (Android 12) Then you will see the background colors change to the wallpaper colors you set.

Google knows how to bring out the new design of Material You from Android 12 in a fun way with this Easter Egg, but unfortunately there are no puzzles or cats on your screen. What do you think of the Easter egg in Android 12? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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