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This is what the foreign press thought about Hoovervo's performance ...

This is what the foreign press thought about Hoovervo’s performance …

Hooverphonic Relief: Alex Callier, Geike Arnaert and Raymond Geerts reached the Eurovision Song Contest final Tuesday night with the song “The Wrong Place”. What do foreign experts think of the Belgian performance?

Hoovervonik presented in the first semifinals on Tuesday evening as the eleventh country out of sixteen. The slower “wrong place” emerged, not only because of Jake Arnart’s exemplary vocals, but also because of the austerity of the act. A few bells and whistles, it’s not usually a formula for winning the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time it’s fun. Dressed in a glossy black dress for the occasion, Arnaert secured a place for Hoofphonica in the final.

Not in the wrong place

British TV broadcaster Graham Norton thought the Hooverphonic work was outstanding. He joked on Twitter about the title of the song, “Hofphonic is definitely not in the wrong place.” “Great performance.”

One of the best bands

According to Greek ZNews, Hooverphonic proved during the semi-finals to be “one of the best bands in the world”.

The “oldest” band

Indian newspaper First post This was reflected in the “humble performance” of the hooverphone, but also on the age of the band members. “The experienced Belgian band Hooverphonic has the oldest artist at this year’s event, 61-year-old Raymond Girts.”


from The Daily Record I did not dwell on the singing performance of Jake Arnaert, but about its appearance. According to the British newspaper, Arnaert looks like two drops of water to Scottish singer Lolo Kennedy Cairns, who won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom in 1969. A victory that she had to share with France, Spain and the Netherlands, because the Eurovision Song Contest regulations at the time did not yet stipulate the final result. Equal to different numbers.

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The biggest round of applause

According to Dutch NOS, the biggest applause for entering Belgium was in the press room. “The loudest cheers for Belgium were in the press room,” wrote editor Jorn Kumpir who was present.

Underdog general

On the Wiwibloggs Song Festival website, Hooverphonic is described as the “underdog” of this year. “Viewers must see that this is professionalism” has been written and “Belgium can really win this performance” has been written several times.

Highlight the calm

to me The TelegraphJournalist Richard Van de Crommart has put forth a quiet starting point for hooverphonics. Belgium is presenting a qualitative and calm highlight during the first semi-final in Rotterdam. The song is scary, dark, mysterious, and a masterpiece all at the same time. Wonderful singer voice, ” he wrote on Twitter.