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This is why a desk job makes you hungry all day long

This is why a desk job makes you hungry all day long

Recognizable: You sit behind your laptop and get hold of it Cravings In sweet or savory snacks. So while the break is just over. No worrybecause there is already a connection with a file office work And you’ll be hungry all day.

hungry brain

On the contrary, you may think that physical function makes you hungrier because you are constantly moving and therefore burn more calories. But nothing is less healthy, because even at a job where you sit a lot, you can feel very hungry. This is because you brain You have to work hard all day.

In office work, you often rely heavily on your brain. Mentally hard work is actually as taxing on the body as hard work physically. After all, you are constantly focused and focused and this requires more fuel from your body than with bodily function where you walk a lot. In fact, your brain is the ‘hungiest’ organ. So they consume the most energy.

Energy consumption

Researchers from Northumbria University investigated whether it is true that people who have desk jobs also experience extreme hunger. This showed that a period of intense cognitive processing by the brain is actually associated with increased energy expenditure. So if you think a lot, you will get hungry more.

This is why you usually feel like lunch is at 11, and you want to empty your snack drawer completely at the end of the afternoon. food = fuelSo even with a desk job, it’s important to eat well. The more we know

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Source: Happy in Shape | Photo: iStock