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Deze meme uit Cannes duikt overal op: de leukste versies op een rij

This meme shows who’s been everywhere: the latest releases on…

About the movie premiere French dispatch At Cannes, the director and a few of the main cast stood elegantly next to each other during the press moment. That in itself isn’t very special, but because of their cool outfits, the photo now has a life of its own on the internet…

When new films are shown at Cannes, directors and stars traditionally gather in front of the existing press during a video call. to check files french dispatch, Who was rewarded with a standing ovation for nine minutes after that, it was no different. There were ringing names including Owen Wilson, Bencio del Toro, Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray in a seaside town in southern France.


It is these last three and the director himself who provide one of the most talked about images of the event in the press. What’s more: One of the photos, taken during filming, makes her a ubiquitous meme on the Internet. The strength of the image lies in the clothing choices of the stars, especially since the appearance embodies certain types that everyone knows about. Left to Right: Timothée Chalamet as young hipster, director Wes Anderson representing the intellectual dude’s style, Tilda Swinton as from the future and Bill Murray as a happy retiree.

Meanwhile, creative souls come up with all kinds of funny comments to the shots. For example, according to Jessica Shortall, Chalamet’s look is perfect for TikTok and Anderson’s for LinkedIn, while Swinton looks good on Instagram. Murray’s casual wear belongs on the Twitter profile again. We have collected the funniest explanations below: