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This popular item is not allowed on your Ryanair flight

This popular item is not allowed on your Ryanair flight

Ghent looked very different in the distant past. The City of Ghent and Proximus have joined forces to make this cultural heritage tangible through augmented reality. Using the free Lens On Ghent app, Ghent residents and visitors can enjoy planned walks through the city and some interactive experiences along the way.

Anyone who wanders into the Bijloke site can digitally “peek” into the centuries-old concert hall and experience the transformation from a medieval hospital to a contemporary music center De Bijloke. The giant Hof Ten Walle reappears at the Prinsenhof, a completely walled palace that has been inhabited by counts, dukes and wealthy aristocrats over the centuries, but has fallen into disrepair. Along the Grassley and Kurinli Rivers, hikers will see anchored ships indicating the busy port activity that used to take place there.

Audio guide

Anyone who completes the route using the app will be treated to many facts from Ghent’s history along the way. Enthusiasts can also shorten or extend their route at will using different walking loops on a digital map, which amounts to approximately 13 kilometers of walking pleasure. These loops not only pass through Ghent Kuip, but also send pedestrians through the Arts District, Prinsenhof, Portus Ganda and others.

The app can be downloaded for free within a few days from Google Play and the App Store in Dutch, French and English.

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