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This should never be missing in your workshop or craft shed - Bouw . Magazine

This should never be missing in your workshop or craft shed – Bouw . Magazine

Whether you have a professional workshop or want to do it yourself in an ingenious shed, good workshop tools are essential. And not only that, the layout, storage space and suspension systems are also important for the operation of this workshop. In this article you will read what should not be missing in your DIY workshop or shed.

1 practical design
Doing the tasks requires quite a lot of space, room to move and space to store tools and display equipment. It is therefore advisable to use the available space as efficiently as possible, by choosing a functional design.

2 Enough space for storage and hanging
DIY comes with a large amount of materials, so a messy scene can arise in no time. To prevent this, it is wise to buy a good collapsible tool box, in which (small) tools can be stored, but also screws, nuts, bolts and other useful small items are sorted.

You can also work with hanging systems to store larger tools and supplies such as professional ladder Suspension and optimization of the height of the workshop or manual shed.

3 basics
The supplies you need depend, logically, on the functions you will perform. However, there are a number of basic necessities that should not be missing in any handyman’s workshop or shed.

– (hair) saw
– Vice and / or buckle
– drilling machine
– set of pliers
– Adhesive tape
– Hammer
– Allen keys)
– cable cutter
– Ladders and/or ladders
– pliers
Putty knife
– pencil
– tape measure
Painter’s tape
– screwdriver (screwdrivers)
– voltage finder
– Stanley knife
Open wrench(s) and/or ring
– safety glasses
– level
Water pump pliers
Work gloves
– Field

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4 large devices and machines
If you know what jobs you will perform frequently, you can choose to purchase larger appliances and machines to simplify your work. You can consider drilling, sawing and sanding machines. If you use larger equipment sporadically or do not have enough space for it, you can also rent equipment and machinery.