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This will be the weather during Pentecost

This will be the weather during Pentecost

The weather during Pentecost is variable, with heavy rain and strong winds. Photo: Jose Mulder

After several warm and sunny days, the rest of this week will be quite a change. It rains every day and the temperature slowly drops. How is the Pentecost holiday going then?

Temperatures could still range between 24 and 25 degrees locally on Tuesday afternoon, especially along the border with the Netherlands. Later in the afternoon, the risk of some heavy rain increases, with localized thunderstorms also occurring. The wind also blows strongly from the southeast direction.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will see heavy and sometimes heavy rain. Maximum temperatures will drop to a maximum of 19 or 20 degrees. You can read more details about the weather during the days leading up to Pentecost In our weekly forecast.

free hThe great power of the sun

The fact that the days leading up to Pentecost are so cold and changeable does not mean you cannot burn. Temperature has nothing to do with the strength of the sun. So also use a good sunscreen these days if you spend any time in the sun. The sun is very bright with Sun Power 6. Unprotected skin can start to burn within 25 to 30 minutes.

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Will Pentecost be rainy this year?

On Sunday, White Monday, the temperature forecast is still very uncertain. The temperature inside may rise to 22 or 23 degrees, but there is also the possibility that the temperature will be much lower. A lot depends on the amount of showering. Near the sea the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees at most. Furthermore, rain appears to occur mainly during the afternoon and evening. The winds are generally calm, with a strength of 2 to 4.

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On White Monday, the uncertainty about temperature is also very large. This is because our country is currently experiencing warm air from the south and cleaner air from the north. There are some weather maps that show the local temperature rising to approximately 24 degrees. In many other scenarios, the temperature ranges between 19 and 22 degrees in the afternoon. Belgium is likely to remain on the variable side, with a high chance of showers and localized thunderstorms. The winds gradually shift from south to southeast and remain weak or moderate at most.

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Sunny, warm Pentecost days don’t seem to be an option this year, but it almost certainly won’t be exactly rainy either. The weather currently appears to be a bit variable spring with temperatures slightly above normal for mid-May. There will be more updates in the coming days, so stay tuned!