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Thomas Joseph takes the stage in Westerospack: “Generally my best time starts now” | Cycling > West Flanders

Benefits of cyclingThomas Joseph (25) finished third in the professional fair race at Vestrosback. In a sprint with a dozen riders, he led Arne Marit and New Zealander Luke Madgwe. As a result he can make peace.

“During sports director Breben van Heck’s conference before the start, he definitely pointed out two important points”, Joseph said later. “I’m from the area and I already know the places. Especially the narrow track with the wind on the sides is important. In the first lap there was an immediate split. At the beginning, the first group of thirty to forty riders was still big. Then it split again.”

With two minor drawbacks

So a group of fifteen riders advanced. Four from Bolton Equities Black Spoke, a continental team from New Zealand and three soldiers from Sport Vlaanderen-Paloise. “We were at a bit of a disadvantage with the two men from Minerva”, Joseph continued. “Teammate Yental Vandevelde did his job well. In the final lap I was with every stop. You will pay for it in the long run. Only Jens Reinders was ahead in the final round. It was very good for him. Yental returned with them, until two of the Black Spokes found themselves in the lead. We know that Arne Marit is one of the fastest men.

Better tense used

Vlaams-Brabanter finished it off. “I still felt good in the last straight,” said Joseph. “I was a little early. They came quickly from behind me. It’s a shame, but I’m on stage anyway. I wanted to play here to win. I’m not far from finishing third. My best periods usually start now. I am also relieved of the stress surrounding the organization of Kemmel Kors. The last two weeks before the race I was busy with other things besides my own training sessions.

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Thomas Joseph will be riding on Tuesday evening at the Nature Cryarium in Rosselare. On Thursday he will start at Internatti in Renninghelst and next Wednesday at Hill 60 at Jilleback. “After that comes the Grand Prix Bosque Scherens in Leuven, the first series of new UCI races”, concludes the elite rider from Kemel.

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