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Three dead and several injured in a stabbing in Germany...

Three dead and several injured in a stabbing in Germany…

© Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa

Several people were killed in a knife attack in downtown Würzburg, Germany, on Friday. A number of wounded were also injured. This was reported by the police and local media writing. The attacker was overpowered and arrested.

It is currently unclear exactly what happened. It is as if the man randomly attacked people in the downtown area. Many pictures of the suspected perpetrator spread on social media. It shows how he walks around with a large knife and whips passersby. Police explicitly requested on Twitter that the photos not be posted on social media.

It is not yet clear how many victims were killed. Police can already confirm three deaths, but are still talking about “several injuries”.

The police allegedly overpowered the perpetrator “with a firearm”. The man was allegedly shot, but out of danger. The victim is a 24-year-old Somali. The police reported this on Twitter.

There will be no more danger to the population at the moment. Police believe the perpetrator acted alone.

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