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Three floors of space |  Imagecasa

Three floors of space | Imagecasa

In Brazil you will find Taperá Residence by architect Victor B. Ortiz. He builds this seemingly simple house in the original style and translates it into a contemporary scenario. With an abundance of natural daylight, the house shows how great architecture and liveliness can live side by side.

After receiving degrees from Cornell University and McKenzie University, Victor B. Ortiz founded his architectural firm that bears his name. Focuses on designing unique yet livable spaces using innovative technologies. His projects mainly extend to renovations, pavilions, architecture and urban design. This time design a flowing house that feels light and organic. Not only this aspect, but also the green roof immediately attracts attention. The so-called Taperá style is known for its visual simplicity and openness. Ortiz manages to preserve the essential elements and combine them with the comfort of modern living. Taperá Residence consists of three floors that together form a luxury residence where comfort and tranquility find the perfect decoration. The upper floor contains the main entrance as well as the living room, kitchen, breakfast room and guest bathroom. When you go down to the mezzanine floor, you’ll find three beautiful suites with floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the surrounding area. On the ground floor there is another living space enclosed in glass this time. A home cinema and an outdoor area with a terrace and dining area are also provided here. The innovative light metal roof brings all the floors together and at the same time, with its plants, ensures the incorporation of nature into the house. In addition, the curved edges of the roof provide protection from direct sunlight. Optimum ventilation and open connections between spaces are important in Taperá Residence. Thanks to the abundant daylight, there is little need for artificial lighting.

The minimalist architecture of the design brings traditional Brazilian furniture to the fore.

The minimalist architecture of the design brings traditional Brazilian furniture to the fore. Thus, the entire interior has been designed to fit carefully selected design pieces. Ortiz used local wood on all floors, for the furniture and windows. In order to harmoniously integrate this material into the interior, Ortiz also chose earthy tones that subtly provide absolute cohesion. Another central element in the interior was marble, for example on the floor of the dining area. Ortiz also tried to keep the iron presence to a minimum, which naturally enhances the building’s inviting warmth. The result is an intimate yet impressive home that connects tradition with the present and where a relaxed atmosphere hangs between its four walls.

The Taperá Residence was designed by Victor B. Ortiz and let’s close our eyes with it. The traditional character of the architecture and furnishings is a nod of reverence for local authenticity and is enhanced by modern lines. The grandiose openness of the spaces makes us daydream about the peace and tranquility that we will undoubtedly feel throughout the site. Would you like to be fascinated by more impressive projects and inspiring architecture? Make sure to follow our Instagram account Imagicasa Architecture† There we share unique achievements, promising designs and innovative ideas every day.

Images courtesy of Victor B. Ortiz Architecture