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Ticket Information: Pinkpop 2024 tickets are becoming more expensive again

Ticket Information: Pinkpop 2024 tickets are becoming more expensive again

A little later than in recent years, ticket information for Pinkpop 2024 is now finally available. For 290 euros, we welcome you throughout the long weekend of next year at Pinkpop 2024. On Saturday 9 December at 10:00 AM, you can be ready and get your ticket quickly.

Pinkpop has just announced that Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith and Måneskin, among others, will be traveling to the Landgraaf next year. In addition, all ticket information for Pinkpop 2024 is now known. For €290, you can be there again next year from June 21-23. Day tickets cost 145 euros. Next year you’ll pay an extra €15 for a weekend ticket. The day ticket has become more expensive by 10 euros. As always, a campsite is included in your ticket.

We also know when ticket sales for Pinkpop will start. From Saturday, December 9 at 10:00 AM you can purchase via Ticket manager Your day or weekend ticket. Put this date on your calendar so you don’t miss it.

Other ticket information

In addition to the regular day and weekend tickets, Pinkpop is offering a regular guest ticket this year. For €5, you can reserve a spot at your favorite campsite, so you can be sure of getting a spot in advance. You can only purchase this ticket as an add-on item during your weekend ticket ordering process.

It is also possible to buy some extra comfort for your festival visit. There is Pinkpop’s garden terrace, formerly known as VIP. For €475, you can enjoy your garden terrace for a weekend. Day tickets cost 215 euros. You will get a separate entrance to the festival, umbrellas and umbrellas, among other things. You will also find different seating areas, its own bar, food booths, lockers and a wifi point. From the garden terrace you don’t have a direct view of the Pinkpop stages.

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Do you want to be able to see something and have some rest at the same time? Then there’s always the Wilhemina Sky Deck. A weekend ticket costs €895, and a day ticket costs €383. You can enjoy all the benefits of the garden terrace, the most important additions being unlimited drinks and the view. You can also access the front section of the South Stage and the North Stage.

To make the whole festival experience even more comfortable, there is also the option to book luxury accommodation. There are several accommodations available at Glampink Hotel for two to five people. Costs range from €157.50 to €462 per person. Is this a bit intense? But don’t you want to bring your own tent? Then choose FestiTent. Camping B has ready-made tents for one, two or four people. Costs range from €60 to €130 per person.

Pink Pop 2024

The announcements for Pinkpop 2024 have finally begun, and the first names and ticket information are coming true. Now that you know what a ticket will cost next year, it’s natural to want to know what you’ll get in return.

Are you wondering who you can expect next year? In the Pinkpop 2024 thread on the Festileaks forum, there is once again a lot of speculation. Do you prefer to communicate with other festival goers via WhatsApp? In our Festifans WhatsApp community you will find a special community A collection specifically aimed at Pinkpop fans.

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Pink Pop 2024



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June 21-23, 2024