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Tickets for the iconic Red Star Line musical go on sale: more than 25,000 tickets have been sold |  showbiz

Tickets for the iconic Red Star Line musical go on sale: more than 25,000 tickets have been sold | showbiz

showbiz“Red Star Line,” Studio 100’s stellar new musical, only came out earlier this week, but there’s already a lot of interest in the show. Barely four days after launch, over 25,000 tickets have already been sold.

“It’s really special that in these tough times we’re selling so many tickets in such a short time,” says Studio 100 President Gert Verhulst. “It underscores our confidence that we have once again succeeded in announcing a title that attracts a wide audience and that we have built a true tradition through our great musicals. I can only be grateful to our audience for that.”

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The story revolves around the boarding of a passenger boat on the Red Star Line in 1923. The passengers are overcrowded and have fallen for a better life. The couple Jean and Marie are central. They are a happy married couple, but their farming life is full of challenges. When Jan has the opportunity to go to America to work as an engineer, he eagerly accepts the offer. His great love Mary travels after him. But will their love be enough to survive such a great distance?

The main roles will be played by regulars in the musicals at Studio 100: Jelle Cleymans and Jonas Van Geel. Next to them plays either actress “Mega Mindy” Lotte Stephens or Ianth Tavernier. They take turns playing Jean and Mary, the main character in the story.

The musical “Red Star Line” will be shown from March 23, 2023 at Studio 100 Pop-Up Theater in Puurs.

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