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Tim DeClerk on the comeback: 'It's a mystery to me where I am on the track' |  Straight through Flanders

Tim DeClerk on the comeback: ‘It’s a mystery to me where I am on the track’ | Straight through Flanders

After a month and a half without competition, Tim Declercq (Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl) will be able to pin a jersey number in tomorrow’s classic for the first time this spring. “I don’t know if I made much of a difference to the team,” De Klerk said the day before his return at Dwars Door Vlaanderen.

Due to pericarditis, Tim Declercq was not allowed to touch a bike for 3 weeks.

Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl’s widely acclaimed workforce hopes to prepare for Paris-Roubaix. But 2.5 weeks earlier than expected, Declercq will appear tomorrow at Dwars Door Vlaanderen.

Declercq opens, “I’m doing really well.” “I didn’t have any other symptoms, otherwise I wouldn’t be at work tomorrow.”

How does Declercq conditionally work? “I had two good indoor trainings, in Calpe and Mallorca. I also completed a good 15 minute test.”

“My preparation wasn’t perfect. Everything is going well in training, but of course it’s not like competition.”

“It is a mystery to me where I will be tomorrow.”

Tim DeClerk As We Know Him: His Striking Style.

Will Declercq ride the Tour? “Only if you add value to me”

In recent weeks, analysts have cited the absence of Declercq as a reason for Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl’s poor performance in the classics.

“It’s good to hear people say the team misses me. But I don’t know if I made a big difference to the team.”

“The team really had to deal with a lot of misfortune: several riders got sick, others got involved in accidents.”

“If I’m just a few percent lower in contemporary cycling, that’s immediately reflected in the results.”

I don’t know if I will make a big difference to the team

Tim DeClerk

Is there a chance that Declercq will be at the start of Vlaanderens Mooiste on Sunday? “The Tour of Flanders is the most beautiful classic tour of Belgium. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to be there,” says De Klerk.

“But if I start, I have to be value-added. If I notice tomorrow that I’m only at 80 or 85 percent of my ability, it makes sense that I shouldn’t ride a Ronde.”

When will Declercq know if he is in Ronde’s pick? “You’re going to cut that knot tomorrow or Thursday. Anyway, we don’t want to rush into action.”

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