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Tim Hoffman intentionally didn't get excited after BOOS aired The Voice

Tim Hoffman intentionally didn’t get excited after BOOS aired The Voice

In the mentioned January episode, former coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato, former manager and bandleader Jeroen Rittbergen were accused of sexually dissenting behavior. The broadcast was watched more than ten million times and Tim was often asked to comment on talk shows and interviews, but he kept quiet. There were several reasons for this, as he explains in college tour. “The main reason is to create space. Every time I’m in the picture or every time I say something or show myself somewhere, in a situation like that it’s either news or taking up space.”

The presenter and the team behind the BNNVARA series first wanted to deliver the ‘Document’. “And give the people you care about, especially women or experts, a space to tell their stories to the world. I can sit at a talk show table and someone says, ‘Wow, well done. Yeah, what am I going to do’ and then sit there and do it?” Now a few months later we thought: It’s also good to say something about that.”

Making the episode took months and the stories were tough on the team as well. “We work in an editorial office with mainly women, who of course have also indulged in anti-sexual sexual behavior for ten months,” Tim says. “It’s not cute, you’re touching shock. But they did it flawlessly.”

Editors received thousands of emails in response to the episode. According to Tim, “a good part of that” comes from people who have also experienced infringing behavior. Therefore, the presenter does not exclude the possibility that the topic will appear again in the future in Angry

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