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'Tinder Swindler' scammed himself out of thousands of euros by a McCann couple

‘Tinder Swindler’ scammed himself out of thousands of euros by a McCann couple


Simon Leviev, the Israeli scammer who became world famous with the Netflix documentary “Tinder Swindler,” a couple made him seven thousand dollars lighter. They cleverly gave Leviev a taste of their medicine.

sourceDe Telegraaf, Daily Mail

Thanks to the infamous Netflix Tinder Swindler She cheated dozens of women out of huge sums by getting into an affair with them, pampering them and then telling them that his life as a diamond trader was in danger and he needed the money fast. The Israeli there officially changed his name from Shimon Hayada Yahut to Simon Leviev, which allowed him to pretend to be the son of the well-known billionaire Lev Leviev.

In total, the man extorted about ten million dollars from his victims. As cunning as he is, he uses one victim’s money to fund his luxurious life and pamper the next target once again. He’s photographed a lot on Instagram, with pictures of expensive clothes, private planes, and luxury cars.

fake office

But only through the same Instagram, one Richnana contacted him last week. She claimed she could help him and current girlfriend Kate Conlin get a blue checkmark on their accounts, so they’re officially theirs, he writes. daily Mail† She also said she can remove fake profiles of people impersonating her. Richnana claimed that her boyfriend was working for Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

Richnana’s friend, Chris Fox, exchanged messages with the scammer about how much he could arrange the blue ticks for. The two managed to impress the scammer by contacting him via Facebook and pretending to call from the Meta headquarters. They particularly recreated a crowded office environment, with people passing by in the background. Leviev fell into the trap and transferred $ 7,700 – about seven thousand euros – via PayPal.

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But the director of Leviev was less confident. When he heard about the story, he called Meta and found out that the company never charges for blue check marks. However, they were unable to track down who was behind Richnana’s profile.

According to the British tabloid, it will be people who want to avenge the victims of Leviev, who were left with high debts. Remarkably, Tinder Swindler’s Instagram account is now equipped with blue checkmarks.