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'to hit?'  We couldn't even do that, because our badges were immediately blocked.

'to hit?' We couldn't even do that, because our badges were immediately blocked.

Audi Brussels announced at the works council on Thursday that 371 temporary contracts would be terminated. The reason is simple: demand for the Q8 e-tron, the only model to roll off the production line at the auto plant, is very low and production is being curtailed.

It is a bitter pill for the temporary workers involved, who are currently at home under the economic unemployment system. Not only because of the message itself, but also because of the way it is delivered.

“Even though we saw heavy rain, it came as a surprise to us,” says a young man in his 20s at BRUZZ. “The management promised us that we would definitely work until the summer. But clearly things were said that did not correspond to the truth.”


There are no large mass movements at the factory gate. “We're all at home. You'll first receive your dismissal message via the Audi Brussels app, followed by an email confirmation. So it's all very impersonal. Anyone who doesn't open their app and doesn't check their emails does that and I don't even know they've been fired.” .

Calls for strikes once the period of economic unemployment ends in just over a week have become louder among labor unions. The Liberal Union decided on Friday to support the strike notice issued by the Socialist Union. But that would certainly be without the temporary workers.

“Strike? Even if you wanted to, it's not possible,” says our anonymous temporary worker. “After all, our badges are blocked immediately. I have to make an appointment to pick up my personal belongings.”

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Banning badges is difficult. “Somehow, I understand that they are doing it this way and are no longer letting us into the factory. But it is still surprising. Striking the trade economic situation seems meaningless to me, we have no control over that. But striking for better treatment of any Someone who works in a company every day, I would do that.”

absence of security

“I often hear: You're just a temporary employee, and you know the story is limited. But people forget that temporary workers have been living in uncertainty for the entire plant for a year and a half, and yet they have always maintained a high level of performance.”

“Somewhere you're hoping that you'll do well enough to eventually land a coveted permanent contract. After all, we're not living in the easiest of times, especially if you've just entered the workforce. As a young person, this is quite depressing.” “What, but I don't lose hope.”