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Top 10: The most beautiful Christmas cards from the royal family

Top 10: The most beautiful Christmas cards from the royal family

We also get into the Christmas spirit at ModekoninginMaxima. We’ve found for you the ten best Christmas photos from previous years.

1. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, and Prince Charles of Luxembourg in 2021, with this cute bear.

Photo © Property, Sophie Marg

2. There are always wonderful Christmas scenes from Monaco. Prom dresses, presented under the tree: This is now a real Christmas card.

© Personal Protective Equipment 2016

3. Sometimes there are more summery shots from Spain, but this card from 2016 really looks like a Christmas card.

Photo © Spanish Court

4. This Christmas card from Spain is especially cute.

Photo © Spanish Court

5. A full Christmas at the home of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

Photo of Lucia’s celebration. Photo © Victor Erickson, Congahusset

6. Victoria and Daniel pose for one or more cute photos every year.

Victoria and Daniel’s family in 2019. Photo © Kungahuset, Raphael Stecksen

7. Charles and Camilla often paint an interesting picture. Not perfect, but above all, a beautiful shot.

Charles and Camilla in 2010. Image © Clarence House via PPE

8. Princes in elegant suits, ladies in red: With gold in the background, this image fits perfectly with this time of year.

© Belgian Royal Palace

9. Princess Benedick in her Christmas tree at Christian VIII Palace, where she has her own apartment. Benedict has amassed her own collection of Christmas ornaments over the years, including during holidays in Switzerland.

10. Christmas wishes from Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and family, a few years ago.

Photo © Kongehuset on Instagram
Photo © Konghuset
Photo © Konghuset

Tomorrow will be an online blog with this year’s Christmas cards. There are also some beautiful shots among them.