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Tracy Craig wins Brinksma Innovation Grant

Tracy Craig wins Brinksma Innovation Grant

Craig, an associate professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at EEMCS, received the grant for her proposal titled “Compilation of mathematics and teaching methods. Creating teaching and learning resources for topics in mathematics for technical subjects. The finalists included Daniela Cracione (Assistant Lecturer in Higher Education Policy at BMS) and Martin van der Hoof (Department of Applied Sciences in Fluid Physics, Chemical Technology and ATLAS).


Craig received a small pig figurine. There is also a financial compensation of 0.2 FTE and a credit of €2,500 for travel or other costs incurred for the award-winning project.

This year there were a total of eight entries to the Brinksma Innovation Grant – BIG for short. The Educational Innovation Award has been around since 2017 and is named after former university president Ed Brinksma, who was UT’s president from 2008 to 2016.

Education week

The awards ceremony was part of the start of Education Week. This is a new initiative from the Center for Experience in Learning and Teaching (CELT), bringing together activities to value teaching at UT.

CES Exhibition Director Leki Shrill gave the opening remarks, which touched on the importance of recognizing and valuing education and the importance of coming together and sharing knowledge. “The content of your teaching may remain the same, but the way you teach may change. It is an eternal journey to keep searching for the best way to teach.