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Tragische vergissing: man verliest verkeerde been bij amputatie

Tragic mistake: a man loses his leg wrong by amputation …

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Ton Toemen

An Austrian hospital made a fatal mistake. In an 82-year-old man’s leg amputation, a surgeon accidentally removed the wrong leg.

The 82-year-old is hospitalized with various cases. This was so widespread that a team of doctors decided to amputate his left leg. But the surgeon who performed the operation eventually removed the right leg by mistake. The bug was only discovered when the dressings were changed the next day.

The hospital director announced the news himself at a press conference. “We need to find out how this can happen.” Director Norbert Fritsch said, “But I’d like to make a public apology here.”

The 82-year-old was not aware of the error until it was cleared up. It was also said that before the operation, the man had to confirm the injured leg. But the older man’s expression was limited, perhaps because the communication error arose, and the wrong leg was referred to as “amputation.”

The patient will receive psychological support and will need to undergo surgery again in the coming days to remove the remaining leg.

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