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'Traitors' fireworks: Astrid Coppins flies away after another ally vote

‘Traitors’ fireworks: Astrid Coppins flies away after another ally vote


Astrid Coppins seated Traitor Walter Damen on the heels in traitorsBut her allies will not believe her. The group’s herd behavior and Astrid’s indignation about it reached a climax in Episode IV. Coppins stormed away from the round table, cursing.

Eileen Debbie

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Also in the fourth episode of traitors The allies failed to expose the traitor. Ann Waters was the victim of a direct attack by Dirk Dorollans, who was convinced that the basketball player was one of the three traitors. “I’m 95% sure,” said the biologist.

The majority of the group followed Draulans’ reasoning without discussion, but Astrid Coppens again opposed the rest. She is rightly convinced that Damen is a traitor, and has hoped to work with him at home. It wasn’t easy to accuse Damen. A fierce discussion ensued. When journalist Hannelore Simoens suggested that Coppens make an appeal every evening about someone else, the gloves exploded. As viewers almost forget that this is just a game show.

The Waters-rated newspaper announced with a smile that it was an ally, too, after which Coppins withdrew. It sounded like a “losers bang”. “I have been through a lot in my life in terms of disappointments. This is another disappointment. I find that very unfortunate.” It is becoming increasingly clear what Coppins means when she says that I felt very lonely in the group† and that she has “a lot of people’s knowledge”, because she is the only one who is aware of a traitor.

Earlier in the episode, Sieg De Doncker was sent home. He was killed by traitors Walter Woeck and Jimmy Lee. “I hope Maureen – who’s not 100 percent but 99 percent sure she’s an ally — will take it into her own hands and take the allies to victory,” he said after his elimination.

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