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Travel tax for flights from April 1, but airlines don't know the details yet: 'It takes time to adjust everything' |  for travel

Travel tax for flights from April 1, but airlines don’t know the details yet: ‘It takes time to adjust everything’ | for travel

Airlines such as Brussels Airlines and TUI fly are asking the federal government to quickly clarify the flight tax, which should apply from April 1. No royal decree has been published yet, so we don’t know the exact procedures yet. “We need time to adapt our systems and communications,” the companies said.

Finance Minister Vincent van Bettieghem (CD&V) today confirmed that the intent to introduce a flight tax – officially a “boarding tax” – will apply from 1 April. The tax ranges from 2 to 10 euros per departing passenger.

Time is running out for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly. Ten days before the tax goes into effect, they are still waiting for the exact instructions. They are afraid that they will not be ready in time to implement everything. In any case, the companies are calling for the tax, “just like in other countries,” to be applied to bookings from April 1. And not for all passengers on flights as of April 1. We cannot retroactively impose this tax on passengers who have already booked.

According to the current bill, the tax will be €10 per passenger (from two years old) for short trips† These are flights to destinations no further than 500 km away, as the crow flies. This distance can be “computed from the ARP (center, ed.) of the airport with the largest annual number of passengers in the country”, which is Brussels Airport.

Before Medium range trips (more than 500 km, but within the EEA, UK or Switzerland) the tax will be €2 per passenger, for long trips 4 euros.

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to encourage

The rate is the highest for short trips, “to encourage passengers to use other modes of transport, and to make passengers more aware of the relatively high external costs in the immediate environment (air pollution, greenhouse gases, noise, congestion) associated with short-haul trips from Belgium.”

The tax will not apply to passenger transport, but will apply, for example, to helicopter passengers.

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