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True, he is a partner of Ovsiel van Deutsche Umbraco User Group

True has been an official partner and sponsor of the Dutch Umbraco User Group (DUUG) since this month. This makes the managed hosting provider a “good friend of DUUG”. With DUUG, True will share insights and knowledge, among other things. It helps increase awareness of the Umbraco brand.

Umbraco is an open source headless CMS. The system was developed from the outset as a CMS in .NET, which distinguishes it from alternative CMS systems. Umbraco has a large community of developers who contribute to CMS.

Complex websites in apps

CMS is mainly aimed at more complex websites and applications. In addition to pages and articles, Umbraco can also manage other content, such as customer issues and job postings. Umbraco has links with, among others, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Sharepoint.

DUUG has been working for over 10 years to put Umbraco on the map in the Netherlands. DUUG informs and motivates users through meetups and during the annual DUUG Festival. Issues such as DevOps, artificial intelligence, and soft skills are also considered.

open source

“True believes in the power of open source and communities. Both of us and our customers are using the power of this. We like to participate more actively in the communities we work with a lot and want to become a stronger partner in knowledge. Through our site we can also make a contribution that we hope will help the community grow in a significant way. Hurry up,” said Daniel de Groot, True’s chief commercial officer.

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Guido Bruijn, Campaign Marketer at True adds: “DUUG is a good example of a user community for the technologies that we and our customers work with. The user pool has already managed to attract some very cool names, like iO, theFactor.e and DotControl!”

What is the truest thing to look forward to in a partnership? “Collaborate with passionate and enthusiastic people! To introduce and get more people excited about Umbraco,” says Daniel. Guido: “I also very much look forward to getting you together and making the annual DUUG Festival a success. You can expect us as a speaker for the next edition!”

On the topic of the first meeting of DUUG and True, Guido says: “I would really like a knowledge session for digital agencies! Through part theory on the added value of Umbraco CMS for agencies, and part of a roundtable discussion on how to make Umbraco part of your business model from a CTO perspective or Lead Developer.”