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Trump wants to continue to play a role in American politics: “I…

Trump wants to continue to play a role in American politics: “I…

Former US President Donald Trump delivered his first long speech on Saturday for the first time in months. Criticizing Democrats and virus expert Anthony Fauci, demanding $10 trillion from China, and noting that his role is far from over.

The former president has been denied access to the biggest social media, but on Saturday he is back in the spotlight once again. He gave an hour and a half speech at a caucus in North Carolina. He expressed support for fellow party member Ted Budd’s candidacy for the Senate elections next year. Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump had just announced that she would not run for the seat.

Trump is using his influence with Republicans to push back his party’s supporters and frustrate his critics, such as those who voted to impeach him. He previously ruled out creating his own party. The 74-year-old former president has once again hinted at running for president in 2024. He said it’s a year he’s “absolutely looking forward to”. “Our movement is not over yet,” the clock also said. “I just started.”

Trump asserts that widespread fraud was committed in the November 2020 presidential election, calling it “the greatest crime of the century.”

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