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Twitter is not following India's strict rules: 'This is their last chance' |  abroad

Twitter is not following India’s strict rules: ‘This is their last chance’ | abroad

The Indian government said it has given Twitter the “last chance” to comply with new rules it recently imposed on the platform. The social media platform should stick to this ASAP. But Twitter doesn’t seem to like it.

On May 26, India introduced new rules for social media. This includes proactively searching for posts with malicious content, making information available about users and assigning an administrator to monitor compliance with the rules. This administrator must also be able to take responsibility for the content on the messaging service.

But Twitter has not yet complied with all the rules and is also objecting to them. This is why the Indian government in a letter ordered the platform to immediately comply with the rules. Otherwise, it will lose its exemption from liability and suffer “consequences,” according to Indian news agency IANS.


The new rules came after some recent incidents emerged about Twitter, including the removal of the official status of the VP’s account, the blue verification badge. According to Twitter, the account was not sufficiently active.

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