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Two missing Australians live for days without water in the desert: 'Miracle they survived' |  Abroad

Two missing Australians live for days without water in the desert: ‘Miracle they survived’ | Abroad

Two young Australians, Mahesh Patrick (14 years old) and Sean Imitja (21 years old), have been rescued from a deserted desert area in Arlbara, Australia. After a day-long search, emergency services located the youths. Their car broke down on the way home. “They were very fortunate,” the Australian police said.

The two young men got into trouble when their car broke down during a four-hour trip in a barren, remote area of ​​Australia. The two decided to seek help, but then got lost. Both were found dehydrated and extremely tired after extensive research.

After Mahesh and Sean’s car stops, they decide to sleep in the car the first night and seek help the next day. They walked 3 miles up the hill, thinking there was a highway behind. This turned out to be a mistake so they walked an additional 5 km to the top of another hill. Once they reached the top, they saw nothing in sight again and knew they were lost. They decided to spend the night on this hill.

The next day, the two boys separated, although it is not yet clear why they did so. Mahesh, the 14-year-old, walked 35 kilometers before emergency services found him. The teenager hit a fence and followed him for two days. On the first night of their disappearance, their parents had already called emergency services, but the search continued for several days.

Sean Imitja (21) Mahesh Patrick (14) © NT Police

survival mentality

“They are lucky that they are still alive, because we know how bad the conditions are in this deserted area,” the police officer said after finding the young men. “It’s crazy to see how strong a 14-year-old boy is, and it shows an invisible survival mindset.” Aside from pain in their feet and severe dehydration, the boys are in good physical condition.

“If you get lost, stay in your car,” said Police Chief Kirsten Engels. “You’re much safer here, and it’s much easier to find a car for emergency service.” In addition, she also stressed that everyone who undertakes such a journey should provide themselves with adequate food and water. “It is certainly not every time such a story has a happy ending, but these two gentlemen have returned to their family safely, fortunately,” concludes Police Chief Engels.

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