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Two versions of The Batman: Warner Bros.  I don't know which one to release

Two versions of The Batman: Warner Bros. I don’t know which one to release

Note: This article contains files spoilers.

Only a few months until the long-awaited debut Batman. Fans are, of course, curious about what the movie will bring to DC Comics.

The trailers showed a lot of new versions and interpretations of well-known characters. But we’ve been hearing rumors about what the future holds for a while now. Rumor has it that the actor Barry Keoghan It was cast right before the first trailer came out. He’ll play a more important character than you immediately think. But now we hear mixed stories about whether it could actually be seen.

To see or not to see?
In the new newsletter from The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision, we read that “multiple sources” confirms that Warner Bros. Tests with two versions of the film.

It comes down to whether or not a particular character should be visible. The message claims that “Last week’s screening test” takes place. Now the film studio has not yet decided which version will be released.

Rumor has it that Keoghan can be considered Stanley Merkel, a somewhat mysterious police officer and partner of James Gordon who we can also see in Batman: 1 yearAnimation movie. We also hear a rumor that Keoghan is playing the Joker.

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