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U.S. military confronts Iranian boats again in the Persian Gulf | Abroad

“A large contingent of Iranian Revolutionary Guards ships neglected the security of the U.S. Armed Forces and carried out unsafe and unprofessional maneuvers,” said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.

Kirby says Iranian boats are approaching a group of six U.S. naval vessels “at high speed.” They would have come about 135 meters away. “In accordance with standard practice, we were politely contacted through a radio connection, after which about thirty warning shots were fired,” Kirby said. “They came out with warning shots after the second round.”

According to the press secretary, it was not immediately clear who instructed the boats.

Similar incidents have occurred frequently in recent years, although it has been relatively quiet over the past year. In late April, a U.S. warship fired additional warning shots after three Iranian naval vessels came too close to the ship and another U.S. patrol boat arrived in the Persian Gulf.

This is very unsettling in Israel, which is hated by Iran. Temple Mount has seen clashes with the Palestinians in recent days, with the IDF launching airstrikes on Gaza last night. The United States has been called an ally of the “Zionist state” since Israel was called in Tehran.

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