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U.S. Supreme Court examines sentence for Boston attacker: death penalty or not? | Abroad

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider imposing the death penalty on 2013 Boston Marathon striker Johor Sarne. The 27-year-old Kyrgyz American was sentenced to death in June 2015, but last July a federal appeals court in Boston ruled that a new case needed to be filed to determine what sentence Sarnev would receive. The arbitrator would not have been impartial.

The judiciary appealed when Donald Trump was president. He thought the death penalty was appropriate. The Supreme Court of the United States is now going to decide what to do.

Tsarnaev hit a marathon with two home grenades in a pressure cooker, killing three and injuring more than 260. He carried out the attack with his brother Tamerlane and was chased by police a few days later.

Promise to Biden

The sentence will not be heard until the fall, and it is unclear how President Joe Biden’s new administration will handle Sarne’s case. Biden has promised to end the federal death penalty, but has not yet released definitive action on how he plans to do so.

Trump was a supporter of the death penalty. In the last six months of his tenure, he has ordered 13 executions, 3 of which were in the week before his departure.

Although the Supreme Court has reinstated the death penalty, Biden is not required to schedule an execution date.