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Ubisoft postpones Rainbow Six: Extraction and Riders Republic – Gaming – News

Ubisoft releases co-op shooter Rainbow Six: Extraction and extreme sports-mmmo Republic Riders is out. The publisher reported this in two separate blog posts. Rainbow Six: Extraction has been postponed until January 2022 and the Riders Republic will now release on October 28.

at Blog post In Rainbow Six: Extraction, Ubisoft says it has more time to realize its vision for the game. “Our ambition with Rainbow Six Extraction is to deliver a full 3D experience that will change the way you play and think about cooperative games,” the studio said. “We are embracing the opportunity to take the extra time to realize this vision in January 2022 in the way it deserves.”

Rainbow Six: Extraction was announced as “Rainbow Six Quarantine” in June 2019 and was initially scheduled to release in early 2020. This was later delayed and a month ago Ubisoft announced that the title would be released on September 16, 2021. The studio has now announced that it will be delayed This release date is a few months away.

Ubisoft Let me know too It is postponing the Riders Republic to October 28. The release date for this title was announced last month during E3; The match is scheduled for September 2. The company does this to ensure that the development team can deliver the “best game for all players”. This gives the studio more time to fine-tune the experience.