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Ukrainian Post has launched a new middle finger stamp for Russians

Ukrainian Post has launched a new middle finger stamp for Russians

© Facebook Ukrposhta

Ukrainian Post Ukrupsheta has released a new stamp with a clear message for the Russian attacker. The seal shows a Ukrainian soldier raising his middle finger on a warship. A special stamp also depicts the outlines of the Snake Island captured by Russia in the Black Sea, with the words “Russian warship, secret …”.


The words in the seal refer to the response of a Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island to the call of a Russian naval vessel to surrender at the beginning of the invasion. Private Roman Hribov, 32, replied: “Russian warship, walk to the pump.” This statement became a popular slogan and has since been immortalized, among other things, on T-shirts.

The stamp was issued in two copies, one for the Netherlands and one for abroad. The first special envelopes with stamps were signed by, among others, Hripov, at the main post office in Kyiv.

It was initially believed that 13 Ukrainian soldiers on Zminji Island (or Snake Island) were killed. It later turned out that the Russian soldiers had captured them. They were later released in a prisoner exchange, according to the US news channel CNN.

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